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As a community leader, an educator, a volunteer, a successful executive in both the private and public sectors,
and a lifelong resident, Kevin Malecek works for Lake County.

Kevin Malecek knows about our goals, our needs, and all of the great resources we have to offer. Kevin knows about our small businesses and giving them the tools to succeed. He knows how to create jobs and stimulate economic growth.

Kevin Malecek has a plan for Lake County - ensuring a high quality of life for us and for our children. Kevin has the unique combination of private and public sector skills to ensure a prosperous future for all Lake Countians and to advance Lake County to the next level.

As a next generation leader, Kevin will make sure our tax dollars are spent wisely and efficiently as he has in his professional career - managing balanced budgets and continued surpluses. Kevin will fight for funding for our seniors and make sure our veterans are not forgotten. Above all, as Lake County Commissioner, Kevin will use his knowledge and experience to continue to make Lake County a great place to live, work, and play.

Lake County Commissioner Kevin Malecek

At Your Service

Since his years growing up in Eastlake and Willoughby Hills, Kevin has always had an interest in serving and bettering our community. As a teenager, he joined the steering committee to establish the first homeless shelter in Lake County, which has developed into Project Hope for the Homeless, by providing hygiene kits for those staying at the shelter. After earning a bachelor's and master's degree, Kevin decided to give back even further to our community by running for City Council, serving on the Laketran Board of Trustees, and volunteering his time through organizations like the United Way of Lake County and the Lions Club.

As a Councilman, Kevin protected property values by engineering a new zoning code, fighting for green space over airport runway expansion, and ensuring balanced and healthy budgets. He showed leadership by working across the aisle - and was elected Council President twice by a unanimous bipartisan group of his council colleagues.

Kevin worked for our seniors, partnering to introduce legislation to create a Senior Center. As a non-profit executive in Mentor, Kevin also worked to give back to our Veterans and those on active duty by working with local businesses to create a Veterans discount program that now operates countywide.

Kevin has always aimed to empower others to find their own opportunities. As a Director of the world-renown MBA program at Case Western Reserve University, he assisted hundreds of students in pursuing their dream of higher education and new career opportunities.

Working for Lake County means...

- Job Growth Through Small Business Success

- Efficient and Balanced Budgets and Government that Works Smarter

- Making Sure Our Citizens Have the Services They Need

- Career Opportunities For Our Next Generation

- Protecting our senior citizens and veterans while investing in Lake County's next generation

We will work together for a prosperous future for Lake County!


We need your help to advance Lake County!

Please consider signing up for canvassing, phone banking, hosting a house party or coffee for Kevin in your neighborhood, or even just putting up a sign in your yard!


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